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Хайнань сегодня Блог редакции "JINGGONG" MODEL CONTEST: FAQ.


What is the "Jinggong" Modeling contest?
The Jinggong Modeling Contest is an international modeling competition for young ladies (16-26 years old) and young  men (18-28 years old).The Regional competitions are held in 15 locations throughout China (in Hainan province and mainland). The Super Finale is held in Hainan Island. This year the 15th consecutive contest is coming along. Throughout the "Jinggong" competitions, this contest's gained a solid reputation and has been conducted by an expert team.

Who can participate in the contest?
The regional competition centers accept:
young ladies (16-26 years old, 168+cm height),
young  men (18-28 years old, 178+cm height).
Education level: high school or higher.

What my participation will bring me?
3 points:
-Valuable prizes.
There is a hundred thousand RMB prize fund plus the possibility of being sponsored with higher amount.
-Professional training. 
Week-end training for the Regional Finalists, and those who get to the Super Finale will be invited to the contest special training in Hainan where they could get a full 20 days special training and have the chance of being in an interesting touring program. All Hainan expenses will be covered by the Event planning Center.
-Career prospects. 
Both "Jinggong" and the contest sponsors offer considerable propositions for the finale contestants.

How can I enroll for the contest?
You can enroll through this link: Contest registration form

How Can I know that I am accepted for the contest?
We will contact you by the contact information that you've filled and will announce the city that the closest to you regional contest center is located.

What is the contest schedule?
Regional competitions:
Haikou city - April 9-10th.
Sanya city - April 16th.
Hainan second round - April 30th.
Hainan final competition - May 28th.
Half Finale Mainland - May 1-20th.
Mainland Finale - May 21st - June 12th.
Internet contest Half Finale- June 25th.
Internet contest finle- June 30th (an interview is required).
Super Finale:
July 17th - the super finalists arrival to Hainan.
July 30th - meeting with the spectators.
July 31th - August 1th  - outdoors photo and video shoot in Sanya.
August 3 - 5th - The super finale rehearsals.
August 6th - The superfinale.

I live far away from Hainan. Do I have to go to the island for the regional competitions?
No, there are regional contest centers throughout the mainland.

Shall I stand some expenses for my participation?
No. There are no registration fees and all the trainings will be provided free of charge. All the expenses in Hainan will be covered by the Event Planning Center. Just one thing: last year tickets to Hainan for the Super Finalists were not covered. This year "Jinggong" is covering the ticket fee for the most outstanding contestants. Here at hainanlife.ru we will also have the web poll. In the Super Finale the contestant who gets the most votes from our readers will get his/her tickets completely covered.

I don't speak Chinese. Can I still participate?
Yes, you can. English and Russian interpreters will be provided for theSuper Ffinale.

I study in China. Is that a problem?
Not at all, the main events are scheduled to let students participate during the summer vacation.

I'm not a professional model. Can I still participate?
Yes, you can, and our trainings will give you a lot of professional experience. Any of our Super Finale contestant can call her/himself a professional model in the future.

I'm not in China. Can I still participate?
You can enroll, but please consider the contest schedule. You must be present at the contest main stages. The contest will not provide any special visa for so the visa should be provided by participants themselves. 

Are there any possibilities that I could be treated unfair during contest?
This is our 15th consecutive international level contest. We do deeply care about our reputation. We will publish an interview with the former vice Champion Xenia Ryaboshtan from Russia to tell show how professional things were organized last year.

What are my chances to win? Do Chinese models have any advantage over other competitors?
This is an absolute honest contest. Your nationality doesn't matter.

I still have other questions no enlisted in this FAQ, who should I contacted with?
Please contact us at hainanlife@163.com.
Please take your time to go through all the FAQs before that though. Maybe the question you wanted to ask is here already. Thank you for your understanding.

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